Rhyme & Ruin Arts

Sarah Herrick is a self taught, multi-disciplinary artist living in Portland, Oregon, USA.

Her artistic drive has been an ever-present and yet, ever-changing aspect of her life, and has taken a variety forms throughout the years. There is always something new to explore and integrate, be it technique, subject matter or media. Self-imposed limits lead to stagnation and boredom, and the one thing Sarah never wishes to be is bored.

Her work focuses on themes of mental illness, isolation and philosophy, with a healthy dose of pop culture and media references. She employs many mediums and techniques to create her work, often aiming to mix media in ways that elevate and underscore her chosen themes. 

The majority of her work has been in the form of private commissions, including fine portraiture character design and concept art. She has exhibited work publicly via local shops as well as the Beaverton Arts Mix! Juried exhibition of 2018, and the  Art Friend Art Show curated by Sam Pletcher in early 2020.